Run don’t walk, Fleisher’s is finally OPEN

September 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

Fleisher’s, the butcher shop whose sustainable practice and all-natural, grass-fed meats have wowed upstate NY has made it to Park Slope, and with it comes Rosetta’s Lust for Better Meat campaign which I have the pleasure of being a part of.

This was not a hard client to get excited about. The more we got to know Fleisher’s the more we wanted to be part of this initiative to eat healthier, respect the source of our food and appreciate a good piece of meat. A good piece of meat that tastes so good because it was gotten the right way.
The Art of the Reveal folks. because butchery at its best is an art; a skill. it means being able to cut pieces so precisely and specifically that you end up maximizing the amount of meat able to be sold. Little waste.
When you add the slow reveal of information about Fleisher’s, and the masterful and effecting way in which they practice their butchery, you get – Burlesque. no, really. This is a sexy business, and unlike other companies in the meat industry the gradual reveal of Fleisher’s philosophy and practices makes their meat even more enticing.
Burlesque was the inspiration for the campaign. The design seems to come right out of the 20-30’s, the copy is cheeky as hell (why is copy not allowed to be this witty and fun these days?), and the virtual peepholes plastered all over Park Slope featuring naughty informational videos makes the innocent passerby an accessory to the fun.
Check out the final campaign in the projects to your right. Stuart Elliot from the New York times was nice enough to talk about us and our campaign in his blog, Creativity posted the prints on their site (and they made their top 20), and bloggers from gothamist to F’d in ark Slope can’t stop talking about the new store.
So please go to Fleisher’s, get to know them well. Go look through a peephole and spy a bit of what makes them as good as they are. The art of the reveal is fun as hell, and the more you get to know Fleisher’s the better that meat is going to taste.

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